Is your DNS really safe? Think Again

DNS (Domain Name System) can be assumed like the GPS of the computer network universe. Basically, it translates a domain name into a legible IP address that identifies the entity involved in the exchange of information data. It is a safe bet that every one of us has come across DNS while surfing the web, even though it might be that we failed to realize it at the time owing to lack of knowledge. A DNS is quite useful when it is employed to manage the mapping of a network and act as an address book for the countless IPs out there.

But these days, the DNS servers are quite prone to attackers. Anyone who thinks using proxy DNS servers or third party DNS can help avert the attacks knows only half the truth. After all, it is now increasingly common to alter the DNS records used by a website or network and divert all its traffic to the attacker’s computer. The recent attacks by the Syrian Electronic Army, a pro-Assad hacking entity on the New York Times and twitter are raging proofs of this phenomenon. Here, data is introduced into the DNS resolver’s cache causing a faulty IP to be rerouted and granting access to the hacker.

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