Overview of DNS Firewall

The DNS (Domain Name System) is one of the most important components of the entire internet infrastructure. Being the foundation of internet system, the security is DNS is of utmost importance.
It is fascinating to know that the infrastructure oriented cyber-attacks on the Domain Name System have been increased by almost 300% since 2012. In spite of these horrific stats, the majority of businesses are still not investing the required time, efforts and money for the security of their IT infrastructure.
According to a survey in 2014 by Cisco, more than 1/4th of businesses are still not aware of DNS oriented threats and how they can damage their whole network of IT framework. They have still not implemented enough security in order to formally address these high priority treats.
To tackle with the preset situation, DNS Firewall Reviews has come up with DNS Firewall.

What is DNS Firewall Reviews?
DNS Firewall Reviews is a network security service which is based on cloud technology. DNS Firewall offers threat detection, threat blocking and threat elimination services to the end users.
With the recent advancements of cyber-attacks on DNS infrastructure, it is high time for the businesses to plan a robust strategy and build a high functioning DNS protection shield in order to save themselves from the embarrassment. We know that not every business is capable of designing and building such a strong framework and this is where DNS Firewall comes into play.
With a firewall for DNS, an intelligence driven threat detection and prevention is possible. Since the framework is cloud based, real time alert is a huge advantage to have. Real time alert system of firewall enables the customers to act strongly and precisely at the time of an attack. This is one of the supreme features which separatesDNS Firewall Reviews from its competitors.
There are countless number of malwares who are witch hunting the defense-less servers. The prime sources of such malwares are the private laptops, cell phones and tablets of the employees of a company. The “Bring Your Own Device” culture has opened the doors for such threats. A non-IT handler of mobile device won’t even know what hit his phone. These suspicious viruses are invisible to most of the usual firewalls and are programmed to contact their hosts once they are inside a large public / private network.
When these infected devices send the server information to their hosts and controllers, usual firewall defense systems are not strong enough to stop them.
With the damages they bring with themselves, they also impact the functioning capability and performance efficiency of your network. Not only that! Your valuable and confidential data are also at risk when the malwares strike.